Ahad, 29 Mei 2011

TV2 to air Iban telemovie for first time on June 5

KUCHING: A special telemovie entitled ‘Penyayau Kumang’ (The Loving Queen) will be aired on RTM TV2 on June 5 in conjuntion with the Gawai Dayak celebration.

This will be the first Iban movie to be aired on nationwide television, featuring popular actors and actresses such as Tony Eusoff who is Sarawak-born, Nadia Mustaffar, Aripah Damanhuri, Chomatt Samad and Justin Choo.

Other actors and actresses include Olivia Parcy, Richard Matthias, Firdaus, Sanddy Ngu, Anne Alexander, Ali Mohammad, Jerry Kennedy, Edwin Yohanes, and two child actors namely Ivan Eugene and Sherman Anja Shelldon.

Directed by Khairul Anuar Othman with Malcom Layang Jimbun and James Lo as producers, the movie is produced by Kenyalang Dreamworks Sdn Bhd (formerly known as First Film & Video Production Sdn Bhd).

The locations where the movie was shot were several longhouses like RH Gumbang, Sg Planduk Paku Betong, rivers along RH Wilson Begat, Penon Ulu Paku and Rh Anggang, Ng Mejong, and Skrang Betong.

The two-hour movie will start at 10pm. It tells a story about ‘Bayang’ played by Tony Eusoff, ‘Jawai’ (played by Nadia Mustaffar), ‘Kevin’ (Chomatt Samad) and ‘Indai’ (Aripah Damanhuri) who receive information that ‘Tinggang’ (Justin Choo) who went missing 21 years ago suddenly wanted to come back to celebrate the Gawai festive season.

Tinggang is the only child of Indai, who is also a stepbrother to Bayang.

Indai has missed Tinggang so much ever since her husband passed away five years ago.

Kevin, son of Bayang and Jawai, who is a grandchild of Indai, had not known about Tinggang until they made friends through Facebook.

Kevin has no idea of who Tinggang is and when he informs his family that Tinggang wants to come here to join the Gawai celebration, they were worried and in a dilemma.

Watch the movie to find out the storyline and its ending on June 5.